February 04, 2015

Sometimes there are challenges or problems that boggle our mind and we just can’t make sense of why they are happening. This week my family is in the midst of one of these unimaginable challenges. One of our dogs has gone missing. Although we are hopeful that Benji will find his way home, we are wrestling with many unanswered questions.
During these difficult days we are feeling hurt, confused, scared, sad, and angry. It’s ok to feel these feelings. My family has been worrying about Benji and imagining the worst. The truth is, our worries and our fears won’t bring Benji home. We need to let go of finding the answer, trying to figure it out, or even understanding the situation. We have to trust that the clarity, and learning will come when the time is right.
About six years ago, Benji came into our lives. We already had one dog at home when we met Benji. His previous owners were moving back to Ireland and couldn’t take him with them. In a way, Benji came to us and chose us as his family. He came into our home and wanted us all to be together. Adopting him was never about getting a second dog; it was about welcoming another soul into our family.
There is a lot to be learned from that little guy. He was a very happy dog; nothing ever seemed to faze him. He knew exactly how to let go of any negativity that came his way. Whenever our other dog tried to rile him up and start a fight, he would simply smile, and trot away.
It broke our hearts when Benji left us. But maybe just as simply as Benji arrived at our home in Singapore, he knew it was time to move on... He was complete; his spirit came and received what it needed from us. For now, as we grieve the loss of our dog, the most important thing is to embrace life as he did. He was a happy explorer, our own little happy warrior. 
Have a beautiful week!

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