June 13, 2018

After writing the previous blog about saying “sorry” it got me thinking about forgiveness and how difficult that can be. Do you forgive other people when they hurt you or make a mistake? Do you forgive yourself? I have been noticing it’s much easier for me to forgive someone else than it is to forgive myself. In fact, I put myself through the wringer when I make a mistake. My mind turns into a minefield of self-judgment; What was I thinking? How could I do that? What’s wrong with me? They will never speak to me again. I’ve really messed things up this time, and on and on…. It’s exhausting!
I know these thoughts aren’t doing me any good, and carrying around all this guilt and shame will only keep me stuck in the very problem I was apologizing for in the first place. Forgiveness and self-forgiveness set us free and open us up to new experiences and deeper connections. Isn’t that what we all really want? So how do we forgive? How do we let go of the pain and disappointment especially when we are hurting ourselves?
Accept yourself just as you are. We are humans and we are imperfect; it comes with the territory.  We are gonna make mistakes, take things way too personally, have misunderstandings with the people in our lives and screw up from time to time. Let’s accept ourselves with our imperfections right now.  Also, we are all super busy; we wear many hats in a day. Even if we meditate, go to yoga and practice being present, occasionally something slips through the cracks, so cut yourself a little slack.  It’s important to remember we all get many more things “right” in a day than the one or two things “wrong” that we are agonizing over. Laugh out loud. Life is funny, we are funny, and laughing shrinks problems and helps us keep things in perspective.
Next time you find yourself “messing up” and asking “What’s wrong with me”, apply a little self-forgiveness learn from your mistakes, and the answer the question like this; “What’s wrong with me?……Absolutely nothing! 

Have a beautiful week!

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