November 12, 2014

Each year I can’t wait for Spring to come. I look forward to the long, dark, snowy days of winter finally giving way to pink cherry blossoms, birds chirping, and the sweet smell of lilacs. Spring is the time for the big garden clean up. We remove the pesky weeds and dead branches that get in the way of our flowers. By removing the waste, we make room for new life to bloom.
Spring Cleaning is not only done in our gardens, it’s also done in our thoughts. When we take an experience personally it gets stuck in our minds.  We start telling ourselves lies. The lies we tell ourselves sound something like “I am not loved,” “I am not good enough,” “I’ll never be successful” ect. These lies can build up over time and start holding us back. These lies are just like the weeds in our gardens, they suck up all of our positivity and energy.
Recently, one of the lies or weeds that grew in my garden was: What if no one reads my blog? I really struggled with the lie that I wasn’t a good enough writer to articulate my ideas. The “what if” weed was holding me back from letting my creative ideas flow.
Cleaning up my personal garden is tough work. Weeds don’t just go away. Removing the “what if” weed is a continuous process, of staying positive, focusing on the things I do best, remembering how happy I feel when I help others, and making time to write each day. This inner confidence boost gives me the strength to believe in my writing.
By clearing away the unwanted thoughts, we make room for more empowering thoughts to take root and move us toward the things we truly want. Without the “weeds” in our gardens, we feel more open, joyous and free.

Have a beautiful week!

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