January 17, 2018

The end of summer is always an adjustment for me. After operating on a looser schedule and having fun with family and friends, my house gets quieter, work gets busier and its time to buckle down. I take a real honest look at where I am with my goals and ultimately my habits. What would I like to achieve by the end of the year? What would I be most excited about doing and where should I focus my energy?
First up is getting into better shape. While thinking about my fitness goals I couldn’t help but look at my daily eating and exercise habits. Over the summer my habit was to skip my workout for any “better” offer that came along. Time to get real. Dodging the gym certainly isn’t going to move me closer to a fitter trimmer healthier me. The better choice is to schedule my workouts for the week and stick to it.
Declaring a goal is only the first step in achieving what we want. It’s not enough to say we want to do something. We actually need a plan on how were going to do it. We need to shift our habits so we are in integrity with our goal or vision, kind of like having an all-systems-go attitude. By implementing these two simple daily habits, you can organize and prioritize your day including the time for the gym.
Two Easy Mindful Habits:

  1. Plan your day the night before. This simple 10-minute habit will give you direction, help keep you on track, and clear your mind so can sleep peacefully.
  2. Have a standing morning routine. Before the busy day gets underway take some time to meditate, read a positive blog or quote, and eat a healthy breakfast. This practice will bring balance and clarity into your day.   

A few weeks into my schedule I am finding that by mindfully focusing on my habits and not thinking as much about my goals I am peaceful, happy, wildly productive and getting closer and closer to achieving the things I want.

Have a beautiful week!

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