May 10, 2017

I think too much. And most people I talk to say the same thing. However, lately I’ve been making more of an effort not to be so consumed by my thoughts, especially the thoughts that upset and annoy me. It sounds like a difficult task, and that’s how it seems at first, but what I’m discovering is that consistency is key. In the same way that we set rules and boundaries with our children or other people in our life, it’s consistency that determines how quickly those boundaries are learned and respected. The only difference is that I'm setting boundaries with my mind.

My mind usually seems to be running on autopilot. I often find myself walking down the street entertaining a steady stream of thoughts: “there’s a blue Jaguar, it’s such a beautiful day, look at the pants she’s wearing, why is she with that guy, I need to call my mom tonight, I can’t believe how much work I have to do, when am I going to do my laundry…” and so on. Sometimes I’ll have entire conversations or arguments in my head, sometimes aloud and yup, if somebody saw me I would look like a total nutjob. Thankfully, I stumbled on a way to reclaim my brain. 
I discovered that when my mind starts chattering, which it does incessantly, I simply have to notice it. That’s it. I just say to myself, “there’s the chatter again,” and the chatter immediately starts to fade. I don’t judge it, I don’t try to stop it, I don’t get annoyed by it, I just acknowledge it, and suddenly my mind is a bit quieter. The thoughts will often feel like a whiny persistent child, but as I said before, the trick is consistency. If you can consistently acknowledge that stream of thoughts over the span of days and weeks you will start to find that your mind is chattering a lot less often, giving you a lot more time to think about things you actually want to think about. How about that for a change?
Have a beautiful week!

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