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Well Hello! 

We hope your year is going great so far. Ours has been awesome! We've been in a think tank for the past several months visualizing and designing the foundation for a new personal growth hub, We will have products ranging from notebooks to self-help books, children’s books, greeting cards, and even crystals, for those who are exploring and opening themselves up to their own personal power.

“Free your mind and take your life to the next level.” - Selfscription®


This is our official launch and you are the first to hear about it! Our journey begins with Selfscription® Mindset Notebooks. After 10 years of seeing clients struggling to manage the endless stream of unproductive thoughts and distractions, we designed these notebooks to give them, and you, the clarity and confidence to show up to each day and crush it.


Buy Yours Now!


This is just the first of many products to come. In the next several months you will also hear about the books we're writing and other products that we're working on. So stay tuned!


Keep an eye out for our little doses of inspiration called, Notes from Yourself, coming from


Enjoy the journey!

J & J

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