January 14, 2015

This past month my oldest daughter graduated from High School. As I sat in the audience filled with love and gratitude, I thought about all the days that brought us to this important milestone. Days filled with laughter, tears, love, frustrations, fun, and sleepless nights (first mine when she was a baby, then hers cramming for endless exams). I also began thinking about the most important lessons I learned along the way and what I hope I’ve imparted to her about this strange, beautiful, crazy life. 

1. Love
Say, “I love you.” Say it often. Love is your greatest gift; share it generously and without any expectations or conditions. Never be afraid to love and be loved.

2. Trust and believe in yourself
You have the power, strength and gifts within you to have anything you want in life. Trust and believe in your power and you will be successful.
3.  Never settle
You get to decide what you are worth, so put yourself first. Believe you’re worthy of having everything you want. Only you will know where that line is. Don’t give your power away to anyone, anything, or any situation.

4. It’s not personal 
There will be many disappointments along the way. People will let you down, not because they mean to, but because they are struggling as well. Nothing anyone does to you is about you; it’s always about their own experiences and how they feel about themselves. Allow these events to simply pass through you.

5. Let go of it and it will let go of you
When we cling to a situation, person, or outcome it can hold us back. Let go of the expectation and the pain. Freedom is on the other side of goodbye.
6. It’s not that deep
Don’t take it all so seriously. Life is fun and funny. Remember to laugh and let your hair down.  

These lessons are simple, and life is simple, but it’s certainly not always easy.  What I hope most for my daughter is that she always has something to smile about at the end of every day. 

Have a beautiful week!

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