The Show-Up Factor

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Remember that time you had an idea about something you sort of wanted, then sort of went after it, only to really not get it? I've started to notice that when I really want something in life I have a much better shot at getting it if I dive in completely and give it my all... with my head, my heart, and my energy all "showing up" at the same time. This is what I call the "Show-Up Factor."

This week I was asked to speak in front of a group of folks about my upcoming parenting workshop. My day was action-packed and my house was filled with visitors from out of town. Carving an hour out of this day was really tough, but I wanted to promote my workshop and this was a great opportunity. I rearranged my day, made copies of the workshop flyer and headed to the event. I wasn't sure if any of the people in the room were already parents or simply exploring the possibility of starting a family, and I felt nervous that maybe my talk would be premature for them. But, I had decided that I was going to Show Up, so I took a deep breath, introduced myself and shared my thoughts on parenting, a topic I am fiercely passionate about. By digging in and giving it everything I had, my words came directly from my heart, and the next day I was surprised to see I had even been quoted in the local newspaper!

The Show-Up Factor is a commitment to completely participate in an experience with the intention of making a difference. That experience might include talking to a group of parents, attending a meeting at work, or even spending time with the people we love. Showing up for the people in my life is very important to me because I know we achieve more, and live happier lives when we do it together.

For me, any type of success comes from being actively engaged in something and being fully part of the process. And so far, the bulk of my success has been directly related to the Show-Up Factor.

So where can you apply the Show-Up Factor this week?

Make it count!

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