How to Stop Comparing


Over the past several years I have been busy growing my business. Most of the time it’s a blast and I enjoy it; other times, it’s a lot to manage. When I feel overwhelmed I often find myself looking at my friends and wondering why they have it all together and I am such a mess. Many of us waste time comparing ourselves to others. We do it in school, work, sports, marriage and even parenting. Technology, social media, and having 24-hour access to other people make this problem worse. What may have started as a curious look to see how a friend or colleague is doing quickly turns into a “measure-up” game. This only leads us down the rabbit hole of low self-esteem, jealousy, and anger. How can we stop our need to compare ourselves to other people? 

1. Stay on your own journey

There are no two journeys that are the same because no two people are the same. We were raised differently, we have different values, and we are guided by different desires and goals. Travel your own journey and let others do the same.

2. You don’t know what you don’t know

You’re not comparing apples to apples even when you think you are. You simply don’t know the whole story. How long have they been working on this? How much do they practice? How committed are they to being successful? And so on…….

3. A picture is only a snapshot

A picture is taken in a split second; the snapshot shows one moment when they had it all together. What happened minutes, hours or even days before or after the picture is all part of the story that you don’t see.

4. It’s just information

Information telling you what you really want in life. Information about what old wounds need to be looked at and healed.
Ultimately comparing yourself to others robs you of the precious time and energy you need to go for what you want. Next time you feel the desire to compare yourself to someone else remember you are enough exactly as you are. The only thing stopping you from having what you want is YOU! 

Have a beautiful week!

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