What Is Happiness? (You already have it.)

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Happiness is not just a feeling, it's a way of life. It means making a choice to accept and be grateful for ourselves and the people around us. It means that we choose to be purposeful and thoughtful in our work. And it means that we are choosing to see how life might actually be happening for us, instead of tous. 

Happy people travel through life gently. They listen to their heads and their hearts, and make decisions based on what feels right inside of them. Happy people experience the challenges of life just like everyone else, but they handle the challenges, feel their feelings, and they make Happiness their true north.

Happiness is not something we can buy or sell, and it's not acquired through a particular accomplishment or event. Happiness is inside each one of us and can be ours at any moment when we decide to embrace it. There is plenty of Happiness for everyone; it never runs out.

Happiness is a choice. And the choice in yours. 

Have a beautiful week!
John & Jami